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Upgrade your corporate dinner stipend

Seamless / Grubhub is the mother hen that essentially birthed the food delivery space and is one of the corporates’ favorites to partner with. The service offers a selection from a myriad of local restaurants that range from your hole-in-the-wall gem to chains like Chop’t. Menu items are affordably priced between $-$$.


The latest workout trends that are actually worth trying

Is your New Years resolution to work out more? In the last couple of years, gyms and studios have been popping up on street corners quicker than Starbucks. A new workout trend takes over the city by storm month after month. Which classes/memberships should you be vying a spot for and which are a waste of time? Here’s the lowdown:

Bikini Body Guide: if you want to look like a lean, mean fighting machine by summer time, this guide produces results. Initially just a diet and exercise guidebook, physical trainer and entrepreneur Kayla Itsines turned her business into a multi-million dollar empire by launching the Sweat with Kayla app ($20/month) and creating a community of BBG-ers.

ClassPass: if you want access to variety of classes at different studios. The name of the game is that you pay $75/month to attend 5 classes of your choice, but never one class more than two times.

Lymber: similarly to ClassPass, you have access to a variety of classes at different studios, but instead of a flat membership, you pay for each class as you go.

Crossfit: if you’re into pushing your limits to the max. WoDs (Workout of the Day) include flipping tires, lots of weighted squats, and too many burpees to count among other hulk-like training. The Crossfit Games are like today’s version of the ancient Greek OlympicsS.

Spinning: if the thought of riding a stationary bike to some tunes and a psychedelic music video gets you pumped, try a spin class. Popular spin cults include Soulcycle, Monster CycleFlywheel, and Cyc.

Current: if you’d prefer to target your upper body, consider this studio instead where you can row to the beat of Biebs and Bey.

Physique 57: if you’ve always dreamed of being a ballerina, a barre workout will take you through choreography including muscle-defining arm exercises, intense thigh and seat sequences, waist-chiseling ab moves, and fluid stretches.

Fhitting Room: if you have an in it to win it attitude, classes at this gym always are always high intensity, always instructed by two trainers who will give you attention like it’s a one-on-one session, always  and always different than the last class you took so you’ll never be bored.

Surfset: if you want to bring some waves to the concrete jungle, hang ten in this class designed to simulate the physical demands of surfing without the ocean. All I can say is get ready for serious focus on your abs and quads.