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Upgrade Your Ride Share App

If you want to get from point A to B in New York City, there are more options available now than just the subway or bus. You’ve got carpools, XLs, black cars, yellow cabs, gypsy cabs, dollar cabs, holla back. We give you the down-low on ride-sharing in the big apple:

Uber is your most reliable friend. She’ll come whenever (on call or schedule ahead), wherever (to 5th ave or the depths of Brooklyn), and with whatever you need (a 2-seater,  SUV, or heli if it’s that kind of night). But, she is also not shy about charging surge prices because she knows what she’s worth.

Lyft is that friend who’s not as accessible but when you do meet up, it’s always a good time. He never keeps you waiting too long, has the best playlist, and is considerate of your budget.

Via is the friend who requires a bit of extra effort to see. She’ll meet you when and where it’s convenient on her terms. Sometimes she’ll make you walk two additional blocks and she doesn’t go out after 9pm so if you’re short on time and wearing 5-inch heels, you might want to raincheck.

Juno is the friend that has the hook up to the most exclusive clubs. You’ll get the best drivers and sleek cars for an affordable insider price.

Gett is the friend you can trust not to flip flop if the situation changes. When others decide to surge, you can count on Gett to charge a flat fee if you’re traveling in Manhattan no matter if there’s sudden traffic or if it starts to pour.