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Ways to make booking a flight easier this holiday season

Wanderlust has become core to the millennial heart. New York, Paris, Turkey, Cape Town, where to next? Booking a flight has never been more convenient so leave your excuses at home. Use these websites to make it easier to find your perfect flight:

Hipmunk: if you have a good idea of where you want to go, the time you want to fly out, or are adamant about non-stop versus connecting, then Hipmunk can filter out the nonsense and present a streamlined list of viable options. You can also save your search and Hipmunk will alert you when a flight matches your criteria!

Google flights: if location and # days are undecided but you have an itch to travel somewhere, try the “I’m feeling lucky” button for good suggestions.

Skyscanner: if you’re ok with getting on a plane branded with a company you’ve never heard of, Skyscanner pulls in flights from a bunch of smaller airlines as well so you can choose from a broader range of times, connecting flights, prices, etc.

Travelocity: if you’re looking for some combination of car + hotel + flight, Travelocity presents good discount vacation travel packages.

Expedia: also a good place to find discount vacation travel packages but separates itself by waiving all cancellation fees within 24 hours of purchasing your ticket. This is pretty clutch when you haven’t requested the days off from work but needed to act fast on those heavily discounted last minute seats.

Priceline: if you’re good at playing the bidding game, Priceline has a name your price tool that allows you to offer the max price you would pay for a hotel or flight. If a hotel or airline needs to fill empty rooms or seats, you might be able to snag one for a lot less than list price.