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The latest workout trends that are actually worth trying

Is your New Years resolution to work out more? In the last couple of years, gyms and studios have been popping up on street corners quicker than Starbucks. A new workout trend takes over the city by storm month after month. Which classes/memberships should you be vying a spot for and which are a waste of time? Here’s the lowdown:

Bikini Body Guide: if you want to look like a lean, mean fighting machine by summer time, this guide produces results. Initially just a diet and exercise guidebook, physical trainer and entrepreneur Kayla Itsines turned her business into a multi-million dollar empire by launching the Sweat with Kayla app ($20/month) and creating a community of BBG-ers.

ClassPass: if you want access to variety of classes at different studios. The name of the game is that you pay $75/month to attend 5 classes of your choice, but never one class more than two times.

Lymber: similarly to ClassPass, you have access to a variety of classes at different studios, but instead of a flat membership, you pay for each class as you go.

Crossfit: if you’re into pushing your limits to the max. WoDs (Workout of the Day) include flipping tires, lots of weighted squats, and too many burpees to count among other hulk-like training. The Crossfit Games are like today’s version of the ancient Greek OlympicsS.

Spinning: if the thought of riding a stationary bike to some tunes and a psychedelic music video gets you pumped, try a spin class. Popular spin cults include Soulcycle, Monster CycleFlywheel, and Cyc.

Current: if you’d prefer to target your upper body, consider this studio instead where you can row to the beat of Biebs and Bey.

Physique 57: if you’ve always dreamed of being a ballerina, a barre workout will take you through choreography including muscle-defining arm exercises, intense thigh and seat sequences, waist-chiseling ab moves, and fluid stretches.

Fhitting Room: if you have an in it to win it attitude, classes at this gym always are always high intensity, always instructed by two trainers who will give you attention like it’s a one-on-one session, always  and always different than the last class you took so you’ll never be bored.

Surfset: if you want to bring some waves to the concrete jungle, hang ten in this class designed to simulate the physical demands of surfing without the ocean. All I can say is get ready for serious focus on your abs and quads.


The best sites to use to find your next apartment

Looking for a new apartment or seeking roommates? In hot markets like NYC or SF, it takes a village to find even a decent place you’d like to call home. You need to have your paperwork already in order, confirmed roomies, cash on hand for 1st months rent, a security deposit, broker’s fee, and/or anything else this crazy process might throw at you. Here are some tools at your disposal to make the apartment hunt a little less stressful:

Streeteasy: is one of the most popular resources used by real estate brokers and home seekers. The site lists almost if not all the apartments that are available for the picking. Price, terms, photos, and other relevant information are provided so dealing with aggressive brokers is no longer a required part of the process.

Symbi: if you want roommates but don’t know anyone apartment hunting with the same general move-in date/neighborhood preference/budget, Symbi helps you find someone offering a room or someone looking for a room. Profiles are connected to Facebook profiles so it’s not as sketch.

Craigslist: if you are looking for any sort of housing situation (i.e. buying, seeking a room, offering a room, etc.), Craiglist has it all. Literally all – including the weird and creepy, but if you look hard enough there are hidden gems and normal people you’d actually be happy to room with.

Facebook: if you are seeking housing with some connection to your networks, Facebook is a good way to find a roommate that comes from the same hometown, is of similar heritage, or shares a common interest. Post on your on feed or find a geographical housing community to get the word out that you are on the hunt!

Listings Project: if you’d like a friendly weekly newsletter of available spaces emailed to your inbox. What originally started as a bulletin board for artists evolved into a community to search for housing and/or creative spaces.

NYBits: if you prefer a luxury highrise and are okay dealing directly with a more established management company, this website offers a no-fee rental search tool.  The tool allows you to browse and directly contact specific apartment availabilities posted by owners, building managers, and select no-fee brokers.

“Hey, what’s happening? ” Upgrade Your City Concierge Apps

There’s never a shortage of events happening in the city, but it’s not easy to find out what’s going on during a given weekend either. Use these apps to discover the what, when, and where:

Yelp: if you haven’t been living under a rock for the last decade, Yelp is probably the first website you think of when you want to know if a place is worth visiting. Not surprisingly, it is the home of hundreds of thousands of reviews that paint a pretty accurate portrait of each location. The downside is that no one really has time to sort through thousands of essays. That’s where Foursquare comes in…

Foursquare: if you like to be in-the-know and want to see big data at work IRL, Foursquare is the best at aggregating reviews into categorical lists and forming tag clouds. See which restaurants/places are “Trending this week” and what the defining features or dishes are, i.e. “romantic”, “tuna tartare”, or “outdoor seating”.

Gilt City: if you’re familiar with parent site Gilt, you’ll be pleased to hear the luxury retail discounter is trying to extend its hand at curating an upscale city experience at a more affordable price point.

Magnises: a membership only social club whose goal is to offer a “black card” experience for millennials. Perks include open bar mixers and discounted tickets to NBA games among other exclusive events as well as a 24/7 concierge who can recommend and reserve a spot for the perfect date night.

Atlis: if you’re seeking local restaurant recommendations or must-see places to visit from fellow peers. The incentive for users to potential to be paid if their recommendation is picked or upvoted by fellow users. Imagine if Yelp, Quora, and Reddit had a baby.

Pulsd and Fever: if you’re not looking for anything specific, these two apps present options tailored to your preferences and budget. Scroll through a curated list of sample sales, discounted dining offers, and VIP ticketed events.

Guest of a Guest: if you’re wondering where the 1%’s progeny frequent, check out the GoG calendar which includes events such as an “invite only” alice + olivia x Basquiat CFDA Capsule Collection Launch Party and a “ticketed” Exclusive ALIX Hermes Shopping Experience.

Upgrade Daily’s Holiday Guide

Where do you find a gift for the person who has everything? How do you compete with Mr. Lights next door? Who’s throwing the best party? Luckily you have us. Here’s a nice list to start #winning at the holiday season:

Upgrade your wheels:

Ride-sharing apps: if you’re staying local (i.e. trying to get to a friend’s potluck on the other side of town), try using one of the services from our rundown on ride-sharing.

Where to book your flight: if you can’t avoid the airport because you moved halfway across the country away from home, make it easier to find the perfect flight on an online booking website. We give you the rundown.

Upgrade your gift-giving:

Stockpile: if you have a friend who is a slave to a particular brand, you can be be pretty bullish on that company’s stock and give the gift that could potentially keep giving.

Thumbtack: if you have a smiley motivated friend who’s been talking your ear off about wanting to learn the guitar or a new language, gift them an unforgettable experience.

Sock Club: if you know someone with undeniable attention to detail who when he sits down and his pants shift upwards a tinge, you know that your eyes won’t be assaulted by ankles, but instead have the visual pleasure of really cool socks.

One Truffle: is perfect for the super organizer friend who can’t have her pens touching her keys in her purse and needs a separate pocket for her lipsticks.

Hollar: if you’re looking for quality mini-gifts for cheap. You’ll be a hit with your baby cousins when they unwrap Nemo / Dory socks for $2 or a Paul Frank sippy tumbler for $2. For pops, stainless steel whiskey cubes ($8) and mum will love a marbled notebook ($5) and design printed storage boxes from Nest ($8).
Etsy: if you’re looking for unique handcrafted items. Etsy is a marketplace for individual sellers. We haven’t run the stats but would guess that most store owners are cool hipsters or lumberjacks.

Upgrade your decorations:

The Living Christmas Co: if you want to choose a more environmentally friendly christmas tree.

Tipsy Elves: if you find yourself in a last minute jam trying to find an appropriate kooky pullover for the ugly christmas sweater party, this is the equivalent of Ricky’s for Halloween – whatever xmas sweater you want, they’ve got it.

Upgrade your festivities:

City concierge apps: imagine an app where you can get tickets for any party happening in your city… wait, it already exists.

Ways to make booking a flight easier this holiday season

Wanderlust has become core to the millennial heart. New York, Paris, Turkey, Cape Town, where to next? Booking a flight has never been more convenient so leave your excuses at home. Use these websites to make it easier to find your perfect flight:

Hipmunk: if you have a good idea of where you want to go, the time you want to fly out, or are adamant about non-stop versus connecting, then Hipmunk can filter out the nonsense and present a streamlined list of viable options. You can also save your search and Hipmunk will alert you when a flight matches your criteria!

Google flights: if location and # days are undecided but you have an itch to travel somewhere, try the “I’m feeling lucky” button for good suggestions.

Skyscanner: if you’re ok with getting on a plane branded with a company you’ve never heard of, Skyscanner pulls in flights from a bunch of smaller airlines as well so you can choose from a broader range of times, connecting flights, prices, etc.

Travelocity: if you’re looking for some combination of car + hotel + flight, Travelocity presents good discount vacation travel packages.

Expedia: also a good place to find discount vacation travel packages but separates itself by waiving all cancellation fees within 24 hours of purchasing your ticket. This is pretty clutch when you haven’t requested the days off from work but needed to act fast on those heavily discounted last minute seats.

Priceline: if you’re good at playing the bidding game, Priceline has a name your price tool that allows you to offer the max price you would pay for a hotel or flight. If a hotel or airline needs to fill empty rooms or seats, you might be able to snag one for a lot less than list price.

The best online dating apps for x,y, and z

Are you looking for your soulmate? A FWB situation? Does he/she need to have blonde hair and blue eyes? Hold an Ivy league diploma (or 2)? Whatever your preference, there’s probably a dating app for it. Keep reading to figure out which one you should be using to find your potential match.

Tinder: if you are looking for any type of connection, honestly. While Tinder is popularly known as a hookup app, genuine diversity exists (in its members and the types of relationships they seek).

Bumble: if you are usually interested in a well-educated New Englander and are curious to find out what it’s like when a woman makes the first move.

The League: if you want to meet girlbosses and sapiosexuals. Not only does The League provide an opportunity to show interest via online swiping, but also events to talk to the person IRL!

Happn: if you are looking for the cute girl who sat across from you on the subway or the handsome guy who walked past you on the street, this app’s goal is to help you find your missed connection.

OK Cupid: if you want to try almost a MySpace kind of old school dating site.

Coffee Meets Bagel: if you’re ready for a real relationship with a good dude who is ready to settle down and reminds you of your dad a little bit.

Dine: if you want to bring it back to the days when first dates started with good food and conversation. Chivalry is not dead.

EHarmony: if you’re really serious about finding someone. Like want to meet the love of your life serious. Like get married in a year serious.

Raya: if you’re an artist looking for creatives. Apparently a rigorous review process since we still haven’t made the cut!