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Upgrade Daily’s Holiday Guide

Where do you find a gift for the person who has everything? How do you compete with Mr. Lights next door? Who’s throwing the best party? Luckily you have us. Here’s a nice list to start #winning at the holiday season:

Upgrade your wheels:

Ride-sharing apps: if you’re staying local (i.e. trying to get to a friend’s potluck on the other side of town), try using one of the services from our rundown on ride-sharing.

Where to book your flight: if you can’t avoid the airport because you moved halfway across the country away from home, make it easier to find the perfect flight on an online booking website. We give you the rundown.

Upgrade your gift-giving:

Stockpile: if you have a friend who is a slave to a particular brand, you can be be pretty bullish on that company’s stock and give the gift that could potentially keep giving.

Thumbtack: if you have a smiley motivated friend who’s been talking your ear off about wanting to learn the guitar or a new language, gift them an unforgettable experience.

Sock Club: if you know someone with undeniable attention to detail who when he sits down and his pants shift upwards a tinge, you know that your eyes won’t be assaulted by ankles, but instead have the visual pleasure of really cool socks.

One Truffle: is perfect for the super organizer friend who can’t have her pens touching her keys in her purse and needs a separate pocket for her lipsticks.

Hollar: if you’re looking for quality mini-gifts for cheap. You’ll be a hit with your baby cousins when they unwrap Nemo / Dory socks for $2 or a Paul Frank sippy tumbler for $2. For pops, stainless steel whiskey cubes ($8) and mum will love a marbled notebook ($5) and design printed storage boxes from Nest ($8).
Etsy: if you’re looking for unique handcrafted items. Etsy is a marketplace for individual sellers. We haven’t run the stats but would guess that most store owners are cool hipsters or lumberjacks.

Upgrade your decorations:

The Living Christmas Co: if you want to choose a more environmentally friendly christmas tree.

Tipsy Elves: if you find yourself in a last minute jam trying to find an appropriate kooky pullover for the ugly christmas sweater party, this is the equivalent of Ricky’s for Halloween – whatever xmas sweater you want, they’ve got it.

Upgrade your festivities:

City concierge apps: imagine an app where you can get tickets for any party happening in your city… wait, it already exists.