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Upgrade your corporate dinner stipend

Seamless / Grubhub is the mother hen that essentially birthed the food delivery space and is one of the corporates’ favorites to partner with. The service offers a selection from a myriad of local restaurants that range from your hole-in-the-wall gem to chains like Chop’t. Menu items are affordably priced between $-$$.


What to expect from today’s hottest food delivery services

Our desire for tasty meals on demand has created a competitive marketplace for your lunch money and corporate dinner stipends. Here’s our rundown of the food delivery space. Also come back to check out our rundown on grocery delivery services and meal kits (coming soon!).

Seamless / Grubhub: is the mother hen that has the most local restaurant chickadees under her wing. Options range from your hole-in-the-wall gem to chains like Chop’t and menu items are affordably priced within $-$$

Caviar: is the bougie sister that delivers dishes from restaurants where you would typically have a sit-down meal and are probably Zagat-rated so you can expect to pay a pretty penny

Postmates: is the friend that’s always on trend. In addition to filters by cuisine, it feels like the company can read our minds with their curated lists called “new vegan places” or “late night cravings.”

UberEats: is Uber’s attempt to get in the food delivery game. But contrary to the name, drivers who deliver food are not the same drivers found on the ride-share app we’ve all come to know. UberEats boasts an average delivery time of 30 minutes.

Maple: if you like consistency, each time you order from Maple, you can expect a professional chef-approved entree that comes with two sides and will be delivered within 30 minutes in the company’s signature yellow packaging for $12 flat during lunchtime and $15 during dinnertime. The lunch and dinner menus vary day to day.