The best sites to use to find your next apartment

Looking for a new apartment or seeking roommates? In hot markets like NYC or SF, it takes a village to find even a decent place you’d like to call home. You need to have your paperwork already in order, confirmed roomies, cash on hand for 1st months rent, a security deposit, broker’s fee, and/or anything else this crazy process might throw at you. Here are some tools at your disposal to make the apartment hunt a little less stressful:

Streeteasy: is one of the most popular resources used by real estate brokers and home seekers. The site lists almost if not all the apartments that are available for the picking. Price, terms, photos, and other relevant information are provided so dealing with aggressive brokers is no longer a required part of the process.

Symbi: if you want roommates but don’t know anyone apartment hunting with the same general move-in date/neighborhood preference/budget, Symbi helps you find someone offering a room or someone looking for a room. Profiles are connected to Facebook profiles so it’s not as sketch.

Craigslist: if you are looking for any sort of housing situation (i.e. buying, seeking a room, offering a room, etc.), Craiglist has it all. Literally all – including the weird and creepy, but if you look hard enough there are hidden gems and normal people you’d actually be happy to room with.

Facebook: if you are seeking housing with some connection to your networks, Facebook is a good way to find a roommate that comes from the same hometown, is of similar heritage, or shares a common interest. Post on your on feed or find a geographical housing community to get the word out that you are on the hunt!

Listings Project: if you’d like a friendly weekly newsletter of available spaces emailed to your inbox. What originally started as a bulletin board for artists evolved into a community to search for housing and/or creative spaces.

NYBits: if you prefer a luxury highrise and are okay dealing directly with a more established management company, this website offers a no-fee rental search tool.  The tool allows you to browse and directly contact specific apartment availabilities posted by owners, building managers, and select no-fee brokers.


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